This  tour and is designed to show you the beautiflul sights of the Ag. Loukas Gorge. Driving through fields and small vineyards we will be visting natural pools and waterfalls (up to 12 meters high) inviting you to explore them and  if you fell like it, take a swim. Vehicles used for this tour are our guide vehicle (typically a  multiseater SUV) and your own vehicle(s) that you will be driving throughout the tour.


You can do the tour as a:

  • Buggy driver
  • Buggy passenger
  • SUV passenger
  • Your own vehicle’s driver
  • Your own vehicle’s passenger


Total tour time: approx. 6 hours





Total number of stops: 3





200 EUR per Buggy






Age restrictions:

10-60 years old





You will need:

  • Hiking shoes or sneakers
  • Swimsuit, towel and a change of  dry clothes if you want to swim during the visit to the lakes
  • Drinking water
  • Good physical condition as this tour is considered moderately physiscally demanding






DEPARTURE TIME 10 AM local time
Pre lunch snack Dust masks
Water Professional guide


Tour schedule and vehicle changes due to weather conditions or other factors

This tour is dependant on weather conditions. The schedule is adjusted to factors such as heavy rainfall, snowfall or extreme heat. Some parts can be removed (for example a downhill section will be removed after a heavy rainfall, because of the mud buildup that makes the control fo the buggies challenging) while others added so you can still enjoy your tour. Your safety is of utmost importance to us.

In the unlikely event that there is mechanical failure in one of the vehicles used for the tour, there might be some minor delay or changes for the remaining part of the tour.


Other restrictions

Please make sure to inform us of the following, if they apply to you or other memebers of your group:

  • Heart Condition
  • Allergies (please make sure to carry with you, your allergy treatment or shot if your doctor has issued you with one)
  • Car sickness


Tour Reviews

5.00 based on 1 review
September 20, 2018

We had a wonderful day, full with amazing views.
Our guide was professional and did everything to make us happy.
Super recomended.

September 21, 2018

Thank you for your kind words Omri. Looking forward to seeing you and your family soon!

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