This is our main group tour and is designed to show you all the beautiflul sights Mount Ziria has to offer. Vehicles used for this tour are two seater buggies and a guide vehicle (typically a  multiseater SUV). Typical distance covered is approximately 90km in 7 – 8 hours.

You can do the tour as a:

  • Buggy driver
  • Buggy passenger
  • SUV passenger


BUGGY  Action oriented, In touch with elements, Privacy
SUV(Guide Vehicle)  Comfort, A/C, Communication with other memebers of group

Group Size

4 – 10 persons (contact us for larger groups)



200 EUR per Buggy

85 EUR per seat in the Guide Vehicle


Age restrictions

Driver age: 21-60 (must be owner of driving license for a minimum of 3 years)

Passenger age: 5-65



DEPARTURE TIME 10 AM local time
Pre lunch snack Dust masks
Water Professional guide


Tour schedule and vehicle changes due to weather conditions or other factors

This tour is dependant on weather conditions. The schedule is adjusted to factors such as heavy rainfall, snowfall or extreme heat. Some parts can be removed (for example a downhill section will be removed after a heavy rainfall, because of the mud buildup that makes the control fo the buggies challenging) while others added so you can still enjoy your tour. Your safety is of utmost importance to us.

In the unlikely event that there is mechanical failure in one of the vehicles used for the tour, there might be some minor delay or changes for the remaining part of the tour.


Other restrictions

Please make sure to inform us of the following, if they apply to you or other memebers of your group:

  • Heart Condition
  • Allergies (please make sure to carry with you, your allergy treatment or shot if your doctor has issued you with one)
  • Car sickness

To ensure the safety fo the group, the tour guide(s) retain the right to replace a vehicle driver, if they feel that their driving is dangerous and does not comply with our safety guidelines.


Departure from Ziria Ski Center

You will meet your guide at the Ziria Ski Center at 10 AM. Your buggies and the Guide Vehicle along with the guide  will be ready to begin the tour.You will have time to get acquainted with the operation of the buggies so you can be comfortable with them for the rest of the day.

Segment 1

The first part of the tour is a small ride through the gravel roads of the high planes of Mount Ziria. Typical altitudes for this segment are 1500 to 2000+ meters. After 30 minutes apporximately we will make our fist stop, a perfect opportunity to take photos and stretch out.

Segment 2

On the second part of the tour we start our descend from the peaks of Mt. Ziria. This a very spectacular part of the ride as you can see across the neighbeouring planes for many kilometers. We stop at various points across the segment so you can capture the impressive images this landscape provides.

Segment 3

The descent continues through heavy forest areas (a light coat is recommended even in the middle of summer), streams and constantly changing terrain. We end up on the beautiful village of Feneos, where you can have a well deserved coffee at the local traditional coffee shop.

Segment 4

With our batteries recharged we depart for the star of the tour Lake Doksa. Driving once again though various forest are as well as paved roads, we reach Doksa and stop for a short walk, photos and a visit to the local monastery.

Segment 5

A visit to another graphic small village is almost mantadory for lunch. You will have the opportunity to taste traditional Greek delicacies. Sorry no haute cuisine or Michelin starred restaurants here, just simple Greek delicious recipes that are a very big part of the mediterranean diet.

Segment 6

Our next goal is the monastery of “Panagia” also known as small Meteora. Your guide will tell you all about the rather sad story of the monastery and the people that our part of its very long history.

Arrival at Ziria Ski Center

Time to start our return trip. You will experience new routes that climb the side of the mountain, go through the dense forest and wide gravel roads. Usually this last part is pretty cold so make sure you have a warm jacket with you.

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