Snow Buggy Tour


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The Tour

Drive a Snow Buggy in the Forest of the Mountains of Ziria!

Winter Only Tour


Ziria Ski Center


Professional Guide from
Explore Ziria Team


1 hours 


Contact Us for Availability


from 80 EUR /buggy
in 2-Seat Buggies


2 – 7 persons
(contact us for larger groups)

* Snow necessary, depending on the climate and temperatures

Destination Options

Snowy Mount Ziria

Fresh powder snow is ideal for this type of tour on Ziria Mountains.

Your Adventure Begins Here


Driver age: 21-60+ years
Driving license necessary (3 years minimum)
Passenger age: 5-65 years
Parental consents for minors necessary
Minors must be accompanied by an adult
Eyewear for driving buggies

What to Wear

Comfortable clothes
Jacket depending on season
High protection sunscreen
Closed shoes or sports shoes


Please read more about some restrictions

This tour is dependant on weather conditions. The schedule is adjusted to factors such as heavy rainfall or extreme heat. Some parts can be removed (for example a downhill section will be removed after a heavy rainfall, because of the mud buildup that makes the control fo the buggies challenging) while others added so you can still enjoy your tour. Your safety is of utmost importance to us.
In the unlikely event that there is mechanical failure in one of the vehicles used for the tour, there might be some minor delay or changes for the remaining part of the tour.

Please make sure to inform us of the following, if they apply to you or other memebers of your group:

  • Heart Condition
  • Allergies (please make sure to carry with you, your allergy treatment or shot if your doctor has issued you with one)
  • Car sickness

To ensure the safety fo the group, the tour guide(s) retain the right to replace a vehicle driver, if they feel that their driving is dangerous and does not comply with our safety guidelines.

Your Adventure Begins Here