“Corinthia” is of those places where you have the opportunity to reach an altitude of 1000 meters high from the sea, within 40 minutes of driving, crossing uphills, downhills, turnings and straight road-lines, to go through traditional villages, to cross lakes on mountains, and generally, a place where you get to live all the four seasons within an hour of traveling, among plane trees, pine trees, next to fir trees, founts that drain waters from running springs. It is a place where the highland landscape and its elements, meet the sea.

A mesmerizing route to Trikala Korinthias

In only a two-hours distance from Athens, mounting from Xylokastro and driving among olive trees, vineyards and beautiful clumps of eucalyptus, crossing the villages of “Riza”, “Pellini”, “Dendro”, “Rethi” and at a distance of 25 km (from Xylokastro) you’ll get to see the first districts of Trikala. Trikala is a mountainous village and the oldest district of the mountain of “Ziria”. The beautiful large village, which spreads throughout consecutive districts like “Kato”, “Mesea”, ” Ano” Trikala, is the most developed village of mountainous Korinthia, referring to the touristic structures.

Maintaining the traditional elements of the region

Even if the touristic development has made its point, the region has maintained its traditional identity; beautiful stony squares decorated with huge, eternal plane trees and dense vegetation. Besides, in Greek, the name Trikala means Three (tria) goods (kala), pointing out the three best qualities it offers; a) a healthy climate with no humidity and a lot of fresh air b) a plethora of vineyards that produce tasteful wine c) plentiful spring waters. These advantages combined with the warm hospitality of the people of Trikala create a tranquil landscape that’ll make your stay unforgettable!

What is also remarkable, is that all the businesses of the village (guest houses, hotels, restaurants, café-bars) have maintained the unique, traditional style, at which the stone and the wood play a significant role. That way, all the businesses are not only warm and hospitable but also well-adapted to their surroundings. You’ll be amazed by the rare beauty and the burbling streams.

A fall-coloured expedition to Trikala Korinthias

More specifically, the fall, which is a magical season, a season of transition and new beginnings, might be the ideal season to visit, for those of you who ask for a quiet/tranquil and meaningful connection to the region and the nature, throughout many activities such as hiking, wanderings, and in general activities full of interest, that’ll get you a step closer to the place itself, far from the crowded winter days, the cold, and the snow. Trikala Korinthias, are equally beautiful when leaves fall down the trees, instead of snow, when the clouds paint shapes and figures on their canvas and when the rain makes its own music, pounding the stone windowsills.

10 things to do in Trikala Korinthias

Even though, in our opinion, picking a couple of days for the excursion, during which you’ll be doing absolutely nothing besides wandering around, breathing in the fresh air, admiring the mesmerizing view and enjoying the beautiful smells of nature, that are at their peak especially this time of the year (and Trikala itself diathetic this quality), we recommend you a few itineraries worth-doing and worth-seeing during your visit to Trikala Korinthias, that will bring you closer to the place, both its past and its present, but also connect you with the nature, through an emotive way:

  1. Go on mild hiking through the marked route ‘Arhaio Misseon’ from “Kato” to “Mesea” Trikala, which lasts about 45 minutes, within the forest, under the shadow of the huge trees.
  2. In ‘Kato’ (Down) Trikala, visit the stone square, where the super-centenarian plane trees and where the churches of St Dimitris (1697) and St Ioannis (1853) are located.
  3. In ‘Mesea’ don’t miss out the church of Metamorfosis of Sotira (9th century)
  4. In ‘Ano Trikala’, don’t forget to take a peek at the wonderful square next to the small church of St Nicholas offering a mesmerizing view, and at the house where St Gerasimos was born.
  5. Visit the monastery of St Vlasios (17th century), surrounded by green, dense vegetation (tip; go to the balcony in the back and take in the remarkable view!!).
  6. Walk down the beautiful valley of “Flabouritsa” among the mountainous districts of ‘Megali’ and ‘Mikri’ Ziria.
  7. Drink, fearlessly, the water from the springs you meet along the way.
  8. Don’t forget to visit the Lake “Dasiou”, at the plateau of “Ziria”. The place is of exceptional beauty! When visiting Lake “Dasiou”, going on a picnic is the ideal thing to do, but what is even more ideal. is a walk into the Lake, especially during this season, when there’s no water at all. The sensation is out-of-this-world!
  9. Visit the next village, “Manna”, where the traditional café is situated, and where the wonderful (and recently restored) site with springs at the edge of the village will take your breath away. (Tip; if you get there during a period of fructification of the apple trees stop by one and take a bite of the fresh apples!)
  10. Make daily off-road trips with buggies in the forests and the slopes of “Ziria” with the team of “Explore Ziria”.

We wish you an amazing stay in Trikala Korinthias!